Photographic Cuba

There is no question that Cuba is an incredibly photogenic place. There is never a lack of great subjects. Regardless of whether you are in Havana, Baracoa, or the Isle of Youth, photographers have subjects at the ready.

Complete Cuba travelers have published 5 books to date of photography from their travels to Cuba.

Now, there is an opportunity to have your Cuba photography recognized by Havana Times. The website also has an archive of the past winners if you are looking for inspiration.


This is the 11th year of their annual photo contest. 2018 saw 109 amateur and professional photographers submit for the contest. From the website, categories include:

  • Life in Cuba in 8-12 pictures. Please indicate the order which the photos should appear. Also send us a brief statement about your compilation of pictures. This category has a 1st prize of US $100, a 2nd prize of $75 and a Special Mention.

  • The Tourist World in Cuba. For this category you can send from 1 to 3 entries. The winning photo will have a prize of $75 and there will be a Special Mention.

  • Sculptures and Monuments in Cuba. For this category you can send from 1 to 3 entries.  The winning photo will have a prize of $75 and there will be a Special Mention

  • Special Category for Nicaragua and Venezuela: Pictures of Struggle, Resistance and Repression. For this category you can send from 1 to 3 entries from either of the two countries. This category will have a first prize of $75, a second prize of $50 and a Special Mention.

The terms and conditions of the contest are clearly listed on their website (below), but there is no fee for entry. The deadline is November 1, 2019.

Complete Cuba looks forward to being represented well in the 2019 contest!

Rangefinder Gallery @ Tamarkin Camera Complete Cuba Exhibit

Earlier this year Complete Cuba and The Rangefinder Gallery cooperatively held an exhibit of photography from past Complete Cuba travelers. This is a brief three minute video of the gallery show.

Complete Cuba Traveler James Rice Reflects On His Experience

Complete Cuba Traveler James Rice Reflects On His Experience

This week we ask you to venture from the Complete Cuba blog and website to take a short read on the blog of Indiana-based photographer James Rice.  Jim traveled with us in March of 2018 with the goal of documenting the real Complete Cuba.

Jims work was included in our Complete Cuba gallery show at The Rangefinder Gallery and has been internationally recognized by LFI Photographie GmbH.

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Join Complete Cuba this Weekend in Chicago!

Complete Cuba: Travelers' Stories from the Caribbean's Most Enigmatic Island

Join us this Friday, April 6, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for the opening reception of the gallery show.  The Rangefinder Gallery is located at Tamarkin Camera, 300 West Superior Street, Suite 202 Chicago, Illinois.

We are excited to welcome Complete Cuba alumni, photographers, and future travelers to experience the Complete Cuba through the images exhibited.

Cojimar, Cuba, September 2016 | Katherine O. Eldred

Cojimar, Cuba, September 2016 | Katherine O. Eldred

The Photo Exhibit.

We are beginning a new project on the Complete Cuba Blog.  It will showcase our clients' favorite photos and show how talented they are.   These posts will also feature not only how much fun an adventure to Cuba can be…but also the real “Complete Cuba” interactions we have on our trips.

We asked alumni to submit their favorite photographs from their trip(s) with Complete Cuba.  We will be selecting these randomly to show on this blog, along with information about our upcoming trips.
Once the blog project is completed, we are planning a gallery exhibit of Complete Cuba travelers and their photos, at The Rangefinder Gallery at Tamarkin Camera, here in Chicago Illinois.  We hope this exhibit will incorporate photos from our January and March 2018 as well, and will likely be in the second quarter of 2018.

We are excited to showcase highlights from Complete Cuba trips.
We hope you enjoy seeing some of the favorite photographs of our past travelers.