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Plain and simple: Amy and Keith are fantastic travel companions. They are smart, fun, well-traveled, and adventurous. They are also laid back—BUT NOT when it comes to important logistical issues, which they managed so well for our group that it seemed my only job was to show up.

Before the trip, they provided expert packing lists, travel tips, and made clear what we could expect in Cuba. On our travel day, things ran smoothly because they checked all of us in for the charter flight as a group, gave us tips on how to approach passport control in Cuba, and showed us where the best places to change money were when we arrived.

During the trip, Amy and Keith constantly advocated on our behalf with the tour guide to make sure we had the best experience, pooled tip money to distribute throughout our stay (a critical aspect of any trip to Cuba), arranged off-itinerary adventures (most notably, to see a baseball game in Havana and attend a party at the Marine house in Havana), showed us the best shops to purchase cigars (and Keith even taught me how to smoke them!), and helped us pick restaurants and activities for our free time.

After the trip, Amy and Keith took steps to make sure that our group shared photos and stayed in touch. To summarize, I had a blast in Cuba thanks to Amy and Keith’s hard work, and can’t I wait to join them for another trip!
— Andrew Adair
I traveled to Cuba with Amy and Keith in March 2015, in a group of 12. My trip to Cuba was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken, and I know I would not have enjoyed it as much as I did, were it not for Amy and Keith.

Amy and Keith are great tour guides—they maximized our time incredibly well. We were able to see an incredible array of Cuban sights and experience a large slice of Cuban culture. It quickly became obvious after we landed in Havana that Amy and Keith knew more about the logistics and navigating the rough and tumble Cuban travel bureaucracy than our local guide and driver did!

But what separates Amy and Keith from the rest is their passion. Their passion for Cuba and the Cuban people is palpable and infectious. Even in casual conversation, they would drop interesting tidbits about the country that you would have to dig through a guidebook to find. Amy and Keith made me enjoy Cuba much more than I would have with any other guide, as I was able to fully appreciate the local sights and culture.

Amy and Keith also balanced our time well between scheduled group activities and individualized activities. They provided a lot of flexibility (and advice!) to spend evenings relaxing and enjoying Cuba Libres, cigars, and the local paladars.

I imagine that you would be hard pressed to find another American guide that can provide the formative experience Amy and Keith offer.
— Casen Ross
Since returning from my Complete Cuba trip, many have asked, “how was Cuba”? No sound-bite would be an adequate response!

My Cuban experience was quite unique and different from what some of my questioners had experienced, i.e. 5 days at a posh Havana hotel with day-trips.

I brought back a memory box full of sights, sounds, tastes, and images of people and places less traveled. It was a busy 8 days and I feel that I experienced Cuba, not just viewed it through the video screen of my smartphone.

These folks really know how to put one in touch with Cuba!
— Gordon Smith
Amy and Keith are brilliant leaders — they clearly have a great love of Cuba and one of the best parts of the tour is seeing it through their eyes. Our trip was the perfect combination of fine-tuned planning with a healthy dose of relaxed meandering. In addition to ensuring we explored Cuba’s tourist sites big and small, Amy and Keith went out of their way to arrange side visits to particular sites not on the itinerary to meet particular interests of the group (and managed to do it in such a way as not to interrupt the general timeline, which is a small miracle) — and also (for the win!) took us on a tour of “gourmet bars and restaurants of Cuba” with every meal. Flawless organisation, consistent good humour, terrific company and helpful tips on photography to boot. Can’t wait to go to Cuba with them again!
— Katherine Eldred (4X Repeat Traveler)
Complete Cuba was a joy to travel with. We visited places and met people we may never have discovered on our own. Keith and Amy are excellent guides - friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in our experience. All of the choices for the tour - accommodations, meals and destinations were well planned and well executed. I will definitely return, and definitely with Complete Cuba.
— Dan Tamarkin, Tamarkin Camera, America's Premier Leica Specialist (3X Repeat Traveler)
I’ve worked closely with Keith and Amy for several years now, and I know them to be very experienced travelers and that they always have the client’s best interest in mind.

Because of their detailed planning and connections on the ground, I know for a fact that Keith and Amy lead a great trip to Cuba, and I highly recommend their upcoming trip.
— Ralph Velasco, PhotoEnrichment Programs, Inc.
This is a testimonial coming from a person nervous about group travel. Given that I usually travel alone or with close friends, I worried that a group tour would slow me down or result in a low-quality trip.

With Amy and Keith, my fears were quickly assuaged. They planned meticulously for all contingencies and handled trip logistics very efficiently. People are stunned when they hear how many sights I saw and experiences I had—much more than I could have possibly planned alone. All I had to do was show up on time.

Most importantly, Amy and Keith both love Cuba and love traveling. I have been on tours with jaded guides half-heartedly reciting facts and tidbits. Amy and Keith are excited about the country, and this really makes a difference. One of my most cherished trip memories involves inventing cheers with them at a Havana baseball game. I feel incredibly lucky to have traveled with two amazing, fun, and knowledgeable guides and would not hesitate to travel with them again.
— Sarah Kang
My husband and I have traveled with Amy & Keith both domestically and abroad over the past five years. They are an incredible travel duo! One of the benefits we have enjoyed is being able to leverage their wealth of travel experience. From the flights to on-the-ground logistics, they take every detail under consideration and create itineraries that result in fun and enriching experiences. They truly enjoy the art of travel and never get flustered when the best laid plans need a little tweaking. They look for the balance of the must see places as well as opportunities to experience local culture that may be off the well-worn tourist paths. We love their wonderful sense of humor and sharp wit that makes even the exhausted traveler light-hearted. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity with Amy and Keith!
— Matt and Kristy Teskey
[The Complete Cuba January/February 2016 trip] was my 3rd trip to Cuba via the People to People program. I can say without equivocation this was the best run trip of the 3 by far. You will not get this type of trip with other group leaders, as it relates to Cuba People to people programs. Keith and Amy satisfied virtually every request from the participants. From going to the Havana cemetery, boxing gyms, the ballet, church services, etc. you two tried your best to accommodate. And you did! This goes way beyond what other leaders will do.
— Bob Edelstein (2X Repeat Traveler)
I traveled with Amy and Keith to Cuba in March 2015 as part of an international immersion program organized by my graduate school. I had a wonderful experience in large part due to Amy and Keith’s knowledge of Cuba and expertise as veteran travelers. Cuba—especially at this moment in time—is a fascinating place to visit and I highly recommend availing yourself of an experience with Amy and Keith.

Amy and Keith’s intimate knowledge of Cuba is a valuable addition to any tour. Fortunately, Amy and Keith have a knack for cultivating relationships with people and getting them to share more of their personal insights about life in Cuba.

Amy and Keith are also veteran travelers who can ensure that everyone from cosmopolitan jetsetters to travel-newbies has a great trip. Some of the folks on my trip had spent months living abroad whereas others had never set foot outside the United States. Amy and Keith expertly prepared all of us for our trip. From helpful packing recommendations to educating us on Cuban social mores, I felt completely prepared for what to expect when we stepped off the plane in Havana. Amy and Keith’s previous travel to Cuba is also helpful as they can always recommend trendy new paladars or other fun spots on the town.

I highly recommend a trip to Cuba with Amy and Keith. Cuba has long been thought of as a city frozen in time. Perhaps that will continue to be the case, though I expect that thawing relations between the United States and Cuba will likewise thaw Cuba’s place in time. If you’re interested in visiting Cuba now is the time to do it and Amy and Keith can help get you there!
— Jack Grein
This was our first tour to Cuba. And it was actually our first group tour to anywhere. Usually my husband and I plan our own tours. And we both agree that this was the best possible tour we ever could have been on. It was also wonderful to make new friends with the members of the group.

Amy and Keith were perfect at leading us around the island so that we could get the many different experiences of the Cuban people — not just the city life of Havana, but also the country life of the farmers.

We had a variety of accommodations on our trip. We stayed in an all-inclusive beach resort, in hotels, and we even got to stay in a “Casa Particular,” which is a Cuban bed and breakfast. We didn’t speak much Spanish and our hosts didn’t speak much English, but we got along very well. That was a great people-to-people interaction indeed.

We ate at many different types of restaurants. Our favorites were the “Paladars,” which are small, private restaurants run by individuals in Cuba. And a special treat for us was the dinner we had at Artechef, the Havana Culinary School.

Amy and Keith planned a variety of different tours and activities, but also gave us free time to explore on our own. But even then, they gave us a list of interesting places to see and explore. A “complete” Cuban experience! Amy and Keith, thank you for helping us have the best tour of Cuba ever!
— Janice Skarzenski