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Special 2019 Complete Cuba Habana
500 Años


This Complete Cuba Habana 500 Años trip is going to be INCREDIBLE! Travel with Complete Cuba to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana. There is no better place in 2019 to celebrate the history of the western hemisphere.

As always, our October small group experience in Cuba will take curious travelers and photographers well beyond the tourist trail of Havana.  This is your chance to dig deeper into Havana than any other group trip offering in the 500th anniversary year of the city! Travel to Havana and visit places travelers typically don't get to experience.  You’ll have the time to immerse yourself in all that Havana has to offer.

Join Complete Cuba for a well-researched and truly unique travel adventure beyond the cliches.  You will leave with memories, experiences, and photographs you simply can't have on your own.  (Many of which we don't advertise so as to keep them exclusive and ensure your trip is as vibrant and exciting as Cuba itself!)  

This trip is truly an inclusive adventure, including airport transfers; six nights of hotel/casa accommodations; the services of an English-speaking Cuban guide; at least one and often two American guides; private, air-conditioned transportation to included activities within Cuba; special photography opportunities; nearly all meals (including tips); your visa; necessary documentation; health insurance while in Cuba; and much more.




Solo travelers are always welcome in our group trips; Approximately half of our guests are solo travelers.  (For the few meals not included, we arrange group reservations so solo travelers only dine alone if they want.)

In addition to boutique travel experiences offered by Complete Cuba, this trip will offer specific amenities not available elsewhere, including optional activities and photo opportunities taking into account the results of a pre-trip survey of the trip participants. As our past travelers can attest, we make every effort to customize these trips to ensure you have a great experience.

After over 7 years of traveling to Cuba, 100% of our past travelers say they would recommend travel with Complete Cuba.  (Check out our testimonial page.)

Complete Cuba trips are designed to satisfy the U.S. Department of Treasury requirements for travel to Cuba.  Please keep in mind these rules have been continuously changing over the past 3 years. We stay informed, and ensure you are traveling legally*. We highly recommend booking now in case there are future changes further limiting travel. We provide background materials, a packing list, and more to ensure you’re prepared to travel to Cuba comfortably, safely, and easily.  You travel with Complete Cuba, and we handle the rest.    

Private trip offerings will continue to be available.  To request more information, please sign up for the email list now or submit an information request on the Sign Up page.

Email now to reserve your spot in the October Complete Cuba Habana 500 Años trip.

October 2019
Dates Announced!

October 2019 Trip Facts:

Arrive Havana – Monday, October 7th, 2019
Depart Havana – Sunday, October 13th, 2019
Included – Cuban Visa, medical insurance, local transportation, group activities, accommodations in Cuba (6 nights at Casa Particulares or Hotels), and almost all meals
Leaders – An English speaking, local Cuban guide plus one or two experienced American tour leaders will be with the group
Limit – 10 Participants Maximum (Small Group Tour)
Price – $3475 double occupancy, with single rooms available for an additional $600 + Airfare (we will assist in procuring airfare due to travel regulations, costs will vary from your location).

Sites Visited:
Havana (6 nights)
Hershey, Cojímar, Finca Vigía
Additional day trip outside of Havana
Full compliment of Havana activities

Key Experiences:

A great photographic experience!

After experiencing the Old Havana you’ve seen on TV and movies, we’ll go beyond it to explore modern Havana far from the tour buses; 

UNESCO World Heritage sites, including a guided walking tour of Old Havana and others;

A day trip east of Havana including the company town of Hershey, the fishing village of Cojimar, and Ernest Hemingway’s Finca Vigía;

A private visit with famed professional photographer Roberto Salas in his home and gallery in Havana;

Visit the RECENTLY RESTORED Capitolio building;

A morning photo walk in the famed El Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón, founded in 1876;

A visit to the home and studio of Gaudí influenced artist José Fuster, the “Picasso of the Caribbean”;

A private tour of a Havana oil painter’s gallery, as well as a workshop of jewelry crafters;

Various key religious sites including Catholic, Jewish, Russian Orthodox, and Santeria locations;

A tour of the premier restoration house of General Motors vehicles in Cuba;

Past travelers rave about Cuban food! Cuban food off the usual tourist trail, including at paladares (small, privately run restaurants);

Cuban music;

Cuban Art; and, most of all,

Exchanges with Cuban People