Hershey and Cuba

We were the first company to take travelers to Hershey, Cuba, just 30 miles but a world away from Havana. This quick video from the Hershey Story Museum in Pennsylvania provides background on this “model industrial town" and shows how it looked back in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.  https://bit.ly/2J3L14G

Want to learn more about Hershey, Cuba? This article from the Hershey archives describes the town: https://bit.ly/2J3L3cO and this 40 minute video goes in-depth on the town and its history: https://bit.ly/2X53rvS

Visiting today shows you a unique part of Cuban history and daily life. Come see Hershey, Cuba for yourself with our October small group trip. There are only 2 spots left, email keith@completecuba.com today.