Cuba in 2018

2017 was certainly a strange year for Cuba policy.  We saw the new policies of open travel and relaxed limitations move to a time of uncertainty and ultimately a more restrictive foreign policy once again requiring legally registered travel and more regulations on travel.  Regardless of your perspective on these various policies, Cuba is full of people who genuinely want to see Americans and full of great opportunities to share interactions with the people of Cuba.

As we continue to legally bring travelers to Cuba to meet people and experience the Complete Cuba, we see people open their hearts, minds, and create new friendships that last long after their time on the island.  We look forward to being in Cuba again in January.  We hope you consider the opportunity to join our March 2018 group, along with Dan Tamarkin of Tamarkin Camera, for what is sure to be a great trip.  

Treat yourself to a new experience in the new year.  Come experience the Complete Cuba.  For more information check out